There are five working committee according to following.

  1. Advocacy Committee
  2. Communication & Public Affair Committee
  3. Education Committee
  4. Finance Committee
  5. Retail Industry Development Committee

  • To present Retailers' interest and views to various government authorities
  • Industry Unification & Representation
  • Act as a liaison between Government Ministry & Retail Business
  • Drive & Shape Retail Agenda
  • To protect best interest for Retail Industry in areas (such as Taxation & FDI)
  • Networking events
    • Mixers
    • Cooperation with Overseas Retail Associations
  • Media Relations
  • Member Relations
  • Emergency Incidents Communication
  • To be a listening post for news that is of interest to retailers
  • To improve perception of retailing in Myanmar
  • Broadcasting of E-Resources & social media present
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Scholarly Publications
    • Job Opportunities & Business Opportunities
    • Online Directory
    • Up to Date Government Policy
    • Industry News
    • Online Suggestion Box
  • Training Courses
  • Industry Publications
  • Grants & Awards to Scholars who contribute publications to Retail Industry
  • Affiliation with MBA programs & Educational Institutions to exchange various industry information
  • Conference & Seminars
  • Trips to Oversea to learn Modern Retail Industry (Annually or Semi-Annually)
  • Fund raising Events
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Budgeting & Financial Planning
  • Advice & Guidance
  • Retail Consulting
  • To improve the business standards, professionalism and productivity of Retailers
    • To develop Retail Industry Standard (e.g, Itemized Receipts, Overpricing, Customer Service)
    • To develop Retail Industry Indexes (e.g, Retail Sale Monitor, Price Index)
    • To develop Consumer Trend Analysis
    • To develop Great Myanmar Sale Week (To promote both Retail Industry and Tourism Industry)
    • To develop Mystery Shopping Program for member Retailers
    • To monitor Employment in Retail Industry
    • To monitor Supply Chain & Logistics information
    • To Initiate Tax Refund programs for Tourists
    • To monitor improvements in Technology in Retail Industry
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ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ လက္လီလုပ္ငန္းမ်ား ဖြံ႔ၿဖိဳးတိုးတက္ေစရန္ႏွင့္ လက္လီလုပ္ငန္းလုပ္ကုိင္ေနသူမ်ား...
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ျမန္မာႏိုင္ငံ လက္လီလုပ္ငန္းမ်ား ဖြံ႔ၿဖိဳးတိုးတက္ေစရန္ႏွင့္ လက္လီလုပ္ငန္းလုပ္ကုိင္ေနသူမ်ား...
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