1. Innovation
Members of MMRA can enjoy benefits of innovative programs that are going to be developed by Retail Industry Development Committee. MMRA has a great deal to offer but exclusively to members. MMRA also welcome innovative ideas and will always be ready to put those ideas to action.
2. Education
Education Committee is prepared to offer Training Courses on Retail Industry which are not available elsewhere. The association will be organizing Seminars for educational purposes. In addition, MMRA has plans to invite Professional Speakers and arrange oversea trips to study how retail businesses were run in other countries.
3. Advocacy
MMRA will work with all stakeholders and create the right agenda that represents interest of all members. MMRA is ready to lobby and represent the best interest for Retail Industry. We will do our utmost to create strong relations with government agencies.
4. Influence
Unification of Retailers will create a unique position for MMRA. MMRA will be unified voice Myanmar Retailers thus create a power voice.
5. Industry Information
MMRA will publish Industry information, up to date Government news, Industry Indexes, trend analysis and other related indexes for members. Members can enjoy these extensive services and can use our data to make best business decisions.
6. Networking
MMRA will create an atmosphere that is welcoming and uplifting. Members can enjoy networking events and talk to each other to share views and ideas on industry. If you are a fan of social media, MMRA is planning to create online communities where members can interact with each other on daily basics.
7. Cost Savings
MMRA will offer a range of member exclusive services. Only Members will be able to enjoy special discount on seminars and publications. In addition, members will have priority to participate in oversea trips and access our online directory.
8. Media Relations
MMRA will strive to have best relation with media and journalists. By managing good media relations, MMRA is planning to put the accurate view of retailers and get coverage.
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